• Preauricular Sinus

    Who are the top experts researching treatments for preauricular sinus?

    The top experts researching preauricular sinus are: Joong Seob Lee, Seung Woo Yoo and Soo-Youn An.

  • What are the top concepts researched in studies about preauricular sinus?

    The most researched concepts in studies of preauricular sinus are: Recurrence Rate, Surgical Excision, Auricular Approach, Middle Ear, Computed Tomography, Temporal Bone, Squamous Carcinoma, Otitis Media, Facial Nerve and Carotid Artery.

  • What are some of the top places that specialize in preauricular sinus?

    Recommended institutions that specialize in preauricular sinus:

    1. Otorhinolaryngology Shigemi Clinic2 Chome-1 東荘園 Beppu, Oita 874-0838, Japan Phone: +81977273387
    2. Cousin Jeffrey MD1200 Waters Pl #110, Bronx, NY 10461 Phone: +17188634366
    3. Jesse Tan MD2865 Atlantic Ave #225, Long Beach, CA 90806 Phone: +15629888818
    4. London ENT Clinic51 Harley St, London W1G 8QQ, United Kingdom Phone: +442072620297

Recent articles about Preauricular Sinus

Analysis Of Incidence And Genetic Predisposition Of Preauricular Sinus

[ PUBLICATION ] ... preauricular sinus, the association between preauricular sinus of a parent and their children, and the odds of hearing impairments in patients with preauricular sinus. METHODS: A ...
Known for
Preauricular Sinus | Genetic Predisposition | Hearing Impairment | Odd Ratio

Presentation Of Preauricular Sinus And Preauricular Sinus Abscess In Southwest Nigeria.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... Preauricular sinus abscess is a common congenital external ear disease. This abscess is usually misdiagnosed because it is commonly overlooked during physical examination. In Nigeria, the ...
Known for
Preauricular Sinus Abscess | Southwest Nigeria | Physical Examination | Detailed History

A Surgical Technique For Congenital Preauricular Sinus

[ PUBLICATION ] ... Preauricular sinuses represent a common congenital abnormality in children. Classically, a preauricular sinus manifests as a small opening, usually near the anterior limb of ascending ...
Known for
Preauricular Sinus | Surgical Technique | Recurrence Rate | Dye Instillation

Congenital Periauricular Fistulas: Possible Variants Of The Preauricular Sinus

[ PUBLICATION ] ... preauricular sinuses are located near the anterior limb of the ascending helix, some are located in unusual areas around the auricle, as shown previously in limited reports. This study ...
Known for
Preauricular Sinus | Congenital Periauricular Fistulas | Ascending Helix Crus | Fistulous Tract

Preauricular Sinuses In The Pediatric Population: Techniques And Recurrence Rates

[ PUBLICATION ] ... preauricular sinus in the pediatric population. METHODS: The clinical records of pediatric patients who underwent surgical excision of preauricular sinus in the Department of ...
Known for
Preauricular Sinus | Recurrence Rate | Surgical Excision | Probe Guidance

Sonographic Appearances Of Preauricular Sinus

[ PUBLICATION ] ... Preauricular sinuses are a common congenital abnormality. This study was performed to determine their sonographic features. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fifteen preauricular sinuses (in 13 ...
Known for
Preauricular Sinus | Sonographic Appearances | Anterior Crus | Branching Pattern

Excision Of The Preauricular Sinus: A Comparison Of Two Surgical Techniques

[ PUBLICATION ] ... preauricular sinuses. STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective cohort. METHODS: Fifty-four patients with a preauricular sinus excised between May 1986 and December 1996 were included in this study. All ...
Known for
Preauricular Sinus | Surgical Techniques | Recurrence Rate | Supra-Auricular Approach

Excision Of Preauricular Sinus With Abscess Drainage In Children

[ PUBLICATION ] ... preauricular sinus with abscess in children. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Patients under 14 years old with a preauricular sinus abscess and volunteering for surgery were involved in this study. ...
Known for
Preauricular Sinus | Abscess Drainage | Feasible Approach | Local Deformity

Single Stage Excision Of Preauricular Sinus

[ PUBLICATION ] ... preauricular sinus underwent one-stage surgical treatment. There were 32 unilateral and 12 bilateral cases giving a total of 56 sinuses. Of these 16 were infected at the time of ...
Known for
Preauricular Sinus | Single Stage Excision | Surgical Technique | Clear Understanding

Pressure Dressing After Excision Of Preauricular Sinus: Suture Transfixion Of...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... preauricular sinus, a head bandage compressive dressing is usually used to reduce dead space and to decrease the risk of recurrence. However, such use of a head bandage may cause various ...
Known for
Silicone Sheets | Suture Transfixion | Preauricular Sinus | Pressure Dressing


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