• Sprained Wrist

    Who are the top experts researching treatments for sprained wrist?

    The top experts researching sprained wrist are: Stephen B Morris, Michael S Pollock and Alex Van Der Lecq.

  • What are the top concepts researched in studies about sprained wrist?

    The most researched concepts in studies of sprained wrist are: Carpal Bones, Scaphoid Fractures, Distal Radius, Upper Extremity, Roentgen Ray, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Diagnostic Accuracy and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  • What are some of the top places that specialize in sprained wrist?

    Recommended institutions that specialize in sprained wrist:

    1. SOL Physical Therapy4341 Piedmont Ave #201, Oakland, CA 94611 Phone: 15105471630
    2. Sprains, Strains & Fractures2090 Springdale Rd Suite C, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 Phone: 18567515100
    3. Staines Chiropractic + Other Therapies5 Fairfield Ave, Staines TW18 4AB, United Kingdom Phone: 441784466130
    4. Khurana Physiotherapy and sports injury clinic ---- Anodyne Spine ClinicB 20, Swami Dayanand Marg, near Shri Ram Singh Hospitalspital, Block B, East Krishna Nagar, Krishna Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110051, India Phone: 919818437110

Recent articles about Sprained Wrist

Injuries Initially Misdiagnosed As Sprained Wrist (Beware The Sprained Wrist)

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of sprained wrist on the A&E department computer. RESULTS: 57 injuries initially diagnosed as a sprained wrist had a different diagnosis (1.76% of all diagnoses of sprained wrists). This ...
Known for
Sprained Wrist | Initially Misdiagnosed | Diagnostic Errors | Junior Doctors

The 'sprained Wrist'.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... the wrist" is a precarious diagnosis. Although true ligamentous injuries do occur, it is important for the physician who first sees the patient to make a more specific and accurate ...
Known for
Sprained Wrist | Precise Area | Precarious Diagnosis | Basic Anatomy

Beware The Sprained Wrist. The Incidence And Diagnosis Of Scapholunate Instability.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of wrist injury, other than those referred with a radial fracture, have been reviewed to determine the incidence of acute scapholunate instability; a "clenched fist" radiograph was used in ...
Known for
Sprained Wrist | Scapholunate Instability | Scaphoid Fractures | Consecutive Series

Development Of A Clinical Decision Tool For Suspected Scaphoid Fractures.

[ PUBLICATION ] Scaphoid fractures are the most common carpal fractures; their overall incidence is however low. Missing a scaphoid fracture may lead to a non-union with a possible disastrous outcome for the ...
Known for
Scaphoid Fracture | Diagnostic Accuracy | Sprained Wrist | 18 Tests

Compartmental Syndrome Of The Forearm: Report Of An Unusual Case.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... "sprained" wrist. The etiology of the syndrome in this case was possibly tearing of anterior compartment muscle fibers when the wrist was forcibly extended in the fall, or a reflex ...
Known for
Compartmental Syndrome | Sprained Wrist | Upper Extremity | Well-Recognized Complication

Wrist Instability

[ PUBLICATION ] ... sprained wrist’ is the missed ligament tear. A resultant carpal instability pattern can cause persistent pain and late osteoarthritis. The carpal bones act as a link system of two rows ...
Known for
Wrist Instability | Lunate Flexion | Midcarpal Laxity | Extrinsic Ligament

Isolated Dislocation Of The Pisiform

[ PUBLICATION ] ... the wrist but was not bothered sufficiently to seek immediate medical attention. He continued to work normally but experienced mild discomfort on lifting. Ten days following the injury he ...
Known for
Isolated Dislocation | Rare Entity | Sprained Wrist | Minimal Pain

Range Of Movement In The Wrist As A Diagnostic Tool In Radial-Sided Wrist Pain

[ PUBLICATION ] ... that wrist movement is more limited in Kienböck disease than when radial-sided wrist pain is caused by other conditions. The purpose of this study was to determine the use of wrist ...
Known for
Radial-Sided Wrist Pain | Wrist Movement | Diagnostic Tool | Early Kienböck

Repetitive Microtrauma And Negative Ulnar Variance As Possible Culprits Of...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... common wrist pathologies such as fractured or sprained wrist. Here we report a case presentation of Kienböck's disease Stage IIIA in a 28-year-old healthy male. Initial radiographs of the ...
Known for
Avascular Necrosis | Repetitive Microtrauma | Left Wrist | Distal Radius

Injuries To Carpal Bones: Fracture Of The Scaphoid And Dislocation Of The Semilunar

[ PUBLICATION ] ... the wrist are a real and not an uncommon occurrence. Codman and Chase1 have done a classic work on this subject, which has recently been followed by Todd's exhaustive treatise.As the ...
Known for
Carpal Bones | Colles Fracture | Bad Sprain | Uncommon Occurrence


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