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The “neosubpectoral” Pocket For The Correction Of Symmastia

[ PUBLICATION ] BACKGROUND: Symmastia is a rare but challenging problem to correct. A number of techniques have been proposed, but each has drawbacks in terms of reliability, accuracy, and difficulty. A ...
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“neosubpectoral” Pocket | Symmastia Correction | Neosubpectoral Technique | Anterior Surface

Congenital Symmastia Revisited

[ PUBLICATION ] BACKGROUND: Symmastia is defined as medial confluence of the breast. The term 'symmastia' is modified from Greek (syn meaning 'together', and mastos meaning 'breast') and was first presented by ...
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Congenital Symmastia | Excess Conus | Surgical Approaches | Theoretical Model

Iatrogenic Symmastia: Causes And Suggested Repair Technique.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... iatrogenic symmastia. Subglandular over-dissection of the medial breast pocket over the sternum, disruption of midline sternal fascia, oversized implant base diameter, and over-dissection ...
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Iatrogenic Symmastia | Suggested Repair | Subpectoral Breast Augmentation | Asaps Survey

An Efficient Method For The Correction Of Iatrogenic Symmastia: A Case Series

[ PUBLICATION ] Background: Symmastia is a medial confluence of the breasts, produced by a web of skin and fat merged across the midline, that generates the disappearance of the intermammary sulcus. Apart from ...
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Efficient Method | Iatrogenic Symmastia | Medial Closure | Substitute Device

Surgical Treatment Of Symmastia: A Systematic Review Of Techniques, Outcomes And...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... "symmastia" defines a confluence across the mid-sternal line of the breast mounds and subsequent loss of adhesion between sternum and pre-sternal skin. This condition can be congenital or, ...
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Symmastia Surgical | Breast Mounds | Operative Indications | Subsequent Loss

A Surgical Technique For Treating Submuscular And Subglandular Symmastia...

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Subglandular Symmastia | Treating Submuscular | Nonabsorbable Sutures | Medial Capsulorrhaphy

Maximizing The Use Of Precapsular Space And The Choice Of Implant Type In Breast...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... and symmastia may compromise the aesthetic outcome of breast augmentation and usually require surgical correction. Correction of these deformities may be achieved by accommodating a new ...
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Breast Augmentation | Precapsular Space | 49 Consecutive Procedures | Implant Malposition

Symmastia After Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation | Symmastia

Surgical Correction Of Symmastia

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Surgical Correction | Symmastia

Use Of Alloderm For Correction Of Symmastia

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Correction Symmastia | Alloderm


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