• Tonsil Stones

    Who are the top experts researching treatments for Tonsil Stones?

    The top experts researching Tonsil Stones are: Richard Thrasher, Christopher Y. Chang and Anita Sulibhavi.

  • What are the top concepts researched in studies about Tonsil Stones?

    The most researched concepts in studies of Tonsil Stones are: Coblation Cryptolysis, Calcium Salts, Caseum-Induced Halitosis and Organoleptic Test.

  • What are some of the top places that specialize in Tonsil Stones?

    Recommended institutions that specialize in Tonsil Stones:

    1. Albany ENT & Allergy Services123 Everett Rd, Albany, NY 12205 Phone: 15187012085
    2. Advanced Ear, Nose & Throat - Head and Neck Surgery6850 N Durango Dr #314, Las Vegas, NV 89149 Phone: 17028345886
    3. Mike Dilkes ENT Laser Surgery282 Milkwood Rd, London SE24 0EZ, United Kingdom Phone: 442078709166
    4. Kijima Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic 木島医院Japan, 〒151-0063 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Tomigaya, 2 Chome−21−10 セントラル富ヶ谷ビル 1F Phone: 81334676740

Recent articles about Tonsil Stones

Coblation Cryptolysis To Treat Tonsil Stones: A Retrospective Case Series

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of tonsil stones using Coblation technology. A retrospective pilot case series was performed demonstrating the effectiveness of a technique that we call Coblation tonsil cryptolysis. This ...
Known for
Tonsil Stones | Coblation Cryptolysis | Retrospective Series | Retinal Damage

Coblation Cryptolysis Method In Treatment Of Tonsil Caseum-Induced Halitosis

[ PUBLICATION ] ... clinicians. Tonsil stones can cause halitosis and especially occur in crypts of palatine tonsils. Coblation cryptolysis is an alternative method for tonsil caseum treatment. The coblation ...
Known for
Coblation Cryptolysis | Tonsil Caseum | Organoleptic Test | Induced Halitosis

Tiktok Tonsils.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... for tonsil stones to our pediatric otolaryngology clinic. This may be related to frequent viewing of videos on the social media application, TikTok, pertaining to tonsil stones.
Known for
Tonsil Stones | Frequent Viewing | Social Media Application | Pediatric Otolaryngology Clinic

Giant Tonsillolith: Report Of A Case.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... or tonsil stones are calcifications that form in the crypts of the palatal tonsils. These calculi are composed of calcium salts either alone or in combination with other mineral salts, and ...
Known for
Giant Tonsillolith | Occasional Reports | Computed Tomography | Palatal Tonsils

Tonsillotomy Versus Tonsillectomy In Adults Suffering From Tonsil-Related...

[ PUBLICATION ] OBJECTIVE: Tonsillotomy has emerged as an alternative for tonsillectomy in treating patients with tonsil-related afflictions. Tonsillotomy provides favourable outcomes in children, but treatment ...
Known for
Tonsil-Related Afflictions | Operation Time | Tonsillotomy Tonsillectomy | Adults Suffering

Halitosis And The Tonsils

[ PUBLICATION ] ... (tonsil stones). Tonsillectomy and various cryptolysis techniques are reported to improve ha
Known for
Tonsillar Halitosis | Cryptolysis Techniques | Diagnostic Methods | Ideal Environment

Bilateral Multiple Tonsilloliths

[ PUBLICATION ] ... or tonsil stones are calcifications that form in the crypts of the palatal tonsils. These calculi are composed of calcium salts, alone or in combination with other mineral salts, and are ...
Known for
Bilateral Tonsilloliths | Computed Tomography | Calcium Salts | Peritonsillar Locations

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