• Triploidy Syndrome

    Who are the top experts researching treatments for triploidy syndrome?

    The top experts researching triploidy syndrome are: Joseph F. Juliar, Abdul A. Al Saadi and John Harm.

  • What are the top concepts researched in studies about triploidy syndrome?

    The most researched concepts in studies of triploidy syndrome are: Chromosomal Abnormalities, Maternal Age, Prenatal Diagnosis, Pregnant Women, Ultrasound Examination, Amniotic Fluid, Nuchal Translucency, Situ Hybridization, Birth Weight and Parental Origin.

  • What are some of the top places that specialize in triploidy syndrome?

    Recommended institutions that specialize in triploidy syndrome:

    1. Dr Anand K Saggar International Gene Clinic78 Harley St and The Portland Hospital, 215 Great Portland St, London W1G 7HJ, United Kingdom Phone: +447970886663
    2. Genetics IrelandSuite 16, Blackrock Clinic, Rock Rd, Blackrock, Dublin, A94 E4X7, Ireland Phone: +353874037149
    3. Feto Maternal & GenetYX CenterDubai Healthcare City, 211-212 Building 39, POB 505010 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Phone: +97143604040
    4. Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine6th Saint Marys Hospital, Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9WL, United Kingdom Phone: +441612766506

Recent articles about Triploidy Syndrome

Triploidy Syndrome: A Case Report.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... lethal syndrome with hydatiform placental changes, severe intrauterine growth deficiency, cranial bone abnormalities, eye defects, malformed ears, syndactyly, genital anomalies, congenital ...
Known for
Triploidy Syndrome | Extra Set | Genital Anomalies | Hydatiform Placental

Triploidy Syndrome: A Report On Two Live‐born (69, Xxy) And One Still‐born (69,...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... the triploidy syndrome. Common external and internal features which characterize the triploidy syndrome are low-set ears, hypertelorism, colobomata, syndactyly, simian creases, ...
Known for
Triploidy Syndrome | Scrotal Aplasia | Mentioned Trisomies | Anomalous Heart

Triploidy Syndrome In A Liveborn Female

[ PUBLICATION ] ... hyperplastic. Triploidy, 69xxx, was confirmed cytogenetically. The placenta was hypoplastic and, microscopically, revealed a peculiar type of immaturity, so-called hydatidiform villous ...
Known for
Liveborn Female | Triploidy Syndrome | Triploid Dna | Fetal Hypoplasia

A Boy With Complete Triploidy And Unusually Long Survival

[ PUBLICATION ] ... complete triploidy syndrome. He did not develop mentally or motorically even to a normal neonatal level. Banding analysis of chromosomes and HLA-antigen typing of the patient and his ...
Known for
Long Survival | Triploidy Syndrome | Gestational Age | Postnatal Hours

Intrauterine Diagnosis Of Triploidy: The Use Of Radiologic And Ultrasonographic...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of triploidy. A typical clinical syndrome has been delineated in nonmosaic triploid fetuses and infants, including intrauterine growth retardation, syndactyly, eye and ear abnormalities, ...
Known for
Intrauterine Diagnosis | Triploidy Syndrome | Small Fetus | Ultrasound Examination

A Livebirth With Triploidy Syndrome (69,xxx)

Known for
Triploidy Syndrome | Livebirth

Placental Changes In Fetal Triploidy Syndrome.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... fetal triploidy syndrome include intrauterine growth retardation, hydrocephalus, oligohydramnios, and hydropic changes of the placenta. Ultrasonography can establish the diagnosis only ...
Known for
Fetal Triploidy Syndrome | Genetic Counseling | Subsequent Pregnancies | Live Fetus

Triploidy Syndrome With Theca Lutein Cysts And Severe Pre-Eclampsia

Known for
Triploidy Syndrome | Theca Lutein Cysts | Severe Eclampsia

A Rare Case Of 68,xx Triploidy Diagnosed By Amniocentesis

[ PUBLICATION ] ... triploidy syndrome is observed.
Known for
Triploidy Syndrome | Elective Termination | Greater Similarity | Congenital Anomalies

69,xxx Karyotype In A Malformed Liveborn Female. Maternal Origin Of Triploidy.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of triploidy syndrome is reported. Main phenotypical features are: intrauterine growth retardation, hypotonicity, micrognathism, low-set ears, ocular anomalies, syndactyly and atrophy of ...
Known for
Liveborn Female | Cerebral Cortex | Maternal Origin | Corpus Callosum


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