Javascript Compilers In Academic Circles: The Most Cited Researchers And Organizations (Javascript KOLs)

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    If you are familiar with Javascript or use it in some capacity, you probably heard names like:

    - Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript, co-founder of the Mozilla Foundation

    - Douglas Crockford - Author of "JavaScript: The Good Parts" and ex-Yahoo!

    - Anders Hejlsberg, creator of TypeScript

    All these names certainly deserve the recognition that is attached to them. They would be what we could call "Javascript celebs."

    There is another group of influential people in the Javascript world, they might not be the creators of the language or best-selling authors, but they create an immense impact. They are researchers that get cited the most times in academic papers where the central theme is Javascript.

    Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) on Javascript

    Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) performed an exhaustive statistical analysis at a large scale on a set of over 150,000 published academic papers that had a centrality above 5% for Javascript or Javascript-related technologies.

    As a further step, the team identified the most cited researchers (persons and institutions) specifically in the context of Javascript-related citations (the team used "Topic modeling" to predict the context/topicality of the quotations).

    Without further ado, here is the list of the most cited Organizations and Researchers for Javascript:


    Mozilla Foundation, Mountain View, California

    Most citations are in the context of emscripten, dart, cscw, digital badges, and linear predictions.

    Microsoft Research, Redmond, Washington

    Most citations for Microsoft come from the context of Haskell, separation logic, transactional memory, and mobile devices.

    Samsung Research America (SRA), Mountain View, CA

    Most citations for Samsung Research America occurred within the context of runtime performance, performance optimizations, and browser benchmarks.

    Individual researchers

    Michael Pradel, Department of Computer Science, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

    Michael Pradel gets most of his citations for concepts like Javascript compilers, jalangi, and webassembly.

    Frank Tip, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Frank Tip is often cited in the context of Javascript compilers, concurrency bugs, web applications, and Scala programs.

    Laurie Jane Hendren, School of Computer Science, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada

    Laurie is often cited in the context of javascript compilers, Matlab, and Java bytecode.

    You can use the dashboard below to get more insights into which concepts these organizations and researchers influence in academic and scientific circles.

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