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    Macromastia is a rare condition that causes an abnormal enlargement of the breast tissue . Sometimes referred to as either hypertrophy or breast hypertrophy , this condition can have a huge impact on the lives of those affected by it.

    While the precise cause of macromastia is still as yet known, there are a few possible triggers that have been identified.

    Within the scientific community, there are several key researchers that are exploring this relatively uncharted condition with the hope of understanding more about why it occurs and how to treat it.

    Read on to discover everything you need to know about breast hypertrophy , including what exactly it is, what are the effects of this condition on the women affected, and what are the best treatments o r Check our Macromastia page for more information: Experts, Researches and top specialized places.

    What is Macromastia ?

    There is no definitive definition of macromastia , yet it is most typically described as excessive growth of the mammary gland beyond the normal range.

    Another common definition surrounds the symptoms of this condition, with chronic pain in at least three anatomic regions due to large breast size .

    In terms of the causes of macromastia , it is thought that it may be the result of either glandular hypertrophy , excessive fatty breast tissue , or a combination of both.

    This condition typically begins with menarche and worsens throughout puberty. However, in rare cases, a patient may experience virginal mammary hypertrophy that results in massive breast size augmentation in adolescence. The late development of macromastia is much less common and requires further investigation into the cause.

    This condition has become much more prevalent in the last few decades with the number of women undergoing reduction mammaplasty, also known as breast reduction surgery , increasing significantly in the United States.

    Macromastia : Physical and Psychological Symptoms

    Patients with macromastia present with a wide range of symptoms, both physical and psychological. In terms of the former, upper back pain, breast pain, neck pain, and even lower back pain have been reported due to excessive breast tissue . It is also not uncommon for sufferers to experience shoulder pain and grooves cutting into the skin caused by the traction of bra straps due to the sheer breast weight and breast size.

    In some cases, chronic postural imbalance can occur, and this can lead to osteoarthritis of the spine and musculoskeletal changes to the trunk. In severe cases, traction of the clavicles and shoulder girdle can result in thoracic outlet syndrome.

    Overly large breast size can also make it difficult to engage in everyday activities such as exercise, work, and even sleeping. Furthermore, due to the large folds in the breast tissue , inflammatory skin is not uncommon and can cause discomfort, pain, and infection.

    Looking at the symptoms of this condition from a psychological standing point, excessive breast weight can have a seriously detrimental effect on women’s mental health, especially for women in pubescence.

    Social stigma and sexual harassment are also common difficulties faced by women with this condition which can lead to low self-esteem, social anxiety, and depression.

    While having a large breast size may not seem like a serious medical condition that requires urgent treatment, the impact on the lives of the women affected is anything but trivial. Furthermore, the burden of breast hypertrophy on the health system cannot be ignored, with frequent trips to the physician’s office, physical therapy, and pain relief medication all costing significant amounts of money.

    Key Researchers Exploring Breast Hypertrophy

    Despite the lack of scientific knowledge surrounding breast hypertrophy , its causes, and the best possible treatments, many high-profile medical professionals are making it their mission to unearth the true surrounding hypertrophy.

    From experts in the field of plastic surgery to leading researchers in the department of biology to those specializing in clinical neurophysiology, these key researchers are highly respected and trusted in their respective fields.

    The most notable influencers in hypertrophy that you need to take note of are:

    · Amy Descrochers DiVasta

    · Claudia Maria Santos Aldrighi

    · Obi C. Iwuagwu

    · Philip John Drew

    · Erika R. McCarty

    · Ahmed A. Bajalan

    · Mirsad Mujadzic

    · Peter J. McGlinn

    The most researched concepts in studies on macromastia are as follows: Breast Surgery, Surgical Technique, Inferior Pedicle, Plastic Surgeons, and Radiation Therapy.

    Discover the top online influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) on hypertrophy on the KOLs search engine. Easy to use, this database contains over 50 million influencers across the fields of science, healthcare, and technology. Compare KOLs for any concept and get a free and personalized list of KOLs.

    Whether you are a medical professional or someone who suffers from this condition, it is always beneficial to stay informed about the latest theoretical and practical developments so that you can make the best decisions for yourself or your patients.

    Treatments & Outlook

    There are two main types of treatment for this breast size condition: conservative treatments and surgical treatments.

    The former includes treatments such as weight management, physical therapy, pain relief, acupuncture, and medications. Although these are often the first recommended course of action for women with hypertrophy , they do not always prove to be effective, especially in the long term.

    The latter refers to treatments such as reduction mammoplasty, more commonly known as breast reduction surgery . A much more effective option in most cases, reduction mammoplasty reduces breast weight , eliminates symptoms, and dramatically improves overall quality of life. However, it is not always covered by medical insurance as breast reduction is, in most cases, considered to be a cosmetic procedure. This is despite the fact that this condition can have a hugely negative impact on the daily lives of women affected by it.

    In terms of the outlook for the future, breast reduction surgery remains the most cost-effective and sustainable solution for women. However, as research is still ongoing and new advancements in technology are emerging daily, who knows what the future holds for these types of treatments beyond surgery .


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