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CW Analytical, 851 81st Avenue, Suite D, Oakland, California, 94621, United States | Physics Department, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 1 University Avenue, Lowell, ...

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Concepts for which Robert W Martin has direct influence: Sexual reproduction , Olpidiopsis varians , Penile melanoma , Relationship thinking , Langerhans cell histiocytosis , Citizen science , Cognition complexity .

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Concepts related to the work of other authors for which for which Robert W Martin has influence: Citizen science , Wind turbines , Relationship awareness , Elderly women , Langerhans cell histiocytosis , Relational identity , Marital satisfaction .

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CW Analytical, 851 81st Avenue, Suite D, Oakland, California, 94621, United States


Physics Department, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 1 University Avenue, Lowell, 01854, MA, USA


Wellbrook Court BirdLife International Cambridge UK


Arnett Clinic, Lafayette, IN, USA


Indiana-Purdue Universities at Fort Wayne


From the Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and the Department of Family Practice, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, and Springfield Clinic, Springfield, IL


Department of Botany, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio 45701


Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, P.O. Box 1663, Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545, U.S.A.

Prominent publications by Robert W Martin

KOL-Index: 6774 . BACKGROUND: Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) is a group of bone marrow disorders associated with dyplasia of myeloid elements that may have cutaneous manifestations including infections, vasculitis, Sweet's syndrome, pyoderma gangrenosum, erythema elevatum diutinum, and leukemia cutis. These cutaneous manifestations are attributed to the underlying bone marrow defect. Langerhans cell ...
Known for Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis | Myelodysplastic Syndrome | Cd1a Patients | Cutaneous Lch
KOL-Index: 4365 . Gaps in our knowledge of the geographical distribution of species represent a fundamental challenge to biogeographers and conservation biologists alike, and are particularly pervasive in the tropics. Here we highlight the case of the Rufous-thighed Kite Harpagus diodon, a South American raptor commonly mapped as resident across half the continent. Recent observations at migration watch ...
Known for Citizen Science | Atlantic Forest | Hidden Endemism | Records Species
KOL-Index: 3796 . The authors compared the cardiovascular health knowledge (CVHK), perceptions regarding potential cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors, and health behavior of 69 freshmen with a family history of CVD and 154 freshmen without this history. The self-reported weights of students with a CVD family history were higher than those of their counterparts (p < 0.02 for males and p < 0.05 for ...
Known for Cardiovascular Disease | Health Knowledge | Cvd Risk | College Students
KOL-Index: 2840 . To increase the energy conversion efficiency and power production, the size of wind turbine blades has continued to grow larger. As such, the need to identify defects and monitor the structural health becomes more critical to maintain reliability and prevent costly catastrophic failures. Larger blades are subject to an increased likelihood of operational damage and manufacturing defects. ...
Known for Turbine Blades | Nondestructive Testing | Structural Health | Infrared Thermography
KOL-Index: 2666 . A review of the literature demonstrates that `relationship thinking' is a central factor influencing the behavior of personal relationship participants. The present investigation examined the psychometric properties of an instrument designed to assess individual levels of relational cognition complexity, a structural quality of relationship thinking. Scores obtained via the Relational ...
Known for Relationship Thinking | Cognition Complexity | Instrument Rcci | Investigation Examined
KOL-Index: 1929 . Patients presenting to a University Health Service with symptoms of uncomplicated urinary tract infection were evaluated by urine Gram stains and culture. Those with positive results were randomized to treatment regimens consisting of a single dose of 3.0 g amoxicillin or treatment for seven days with 500 mg of amoxicillin three times a day. More than 60% of symptomatic patients with ...
Known for Urinary Tract | Single Dose | Treatment Uncomplicated | Antimicrobial Therapy
KOL-Index: 1547 . Fine structural aspects of mitosis in the endoparasitic oomycete Olpidiopsis varians are described and compared with other oomycetous fungi. Mitotic nuclei within developing parasite thalli divide in synchrony so at any point during the duration of mitosis all the nuclei within a thallus exhibit the same mitotic features. Mitosis in O. varians is characterized by an intact nuclear envelope ...
Known for Olpidiopsis Varians | Oomycetous Fungi | Endoparasitic Oomycete
KOL-Index: 1293 . The fine structure of zoosporogenesis in the endoparasite Olpidiopsis varians is described and compared to other oomycetous fungi. The wall of the parasite zoosporangium is composed of an inner granular to fibrous material and an outer layer of electron opaque material. Prior to cytoplasmic cleavage approximately 8–12% of the zoosporangial nuclei disintegrate. Cleavage furrows are produced ...
Known for Olpidiopsis Varians | Oomycetous Fungi | Electron Opaque
KOL-Index: 1127 . Light and electron microscopy of sexual reproduction in the endoparasite Olpidiopsis varians is discussed and compared with existing accounts of other oomycetous fungi. Thalli that develop sexually are smaller than thalli that develop apogamously. Oogonial thalli are attended by adjacent unicellular antheridial thalli and surrounded by a reticulate network of electron-opaque wall ...
Known for Sexual Reproduction
KOL-Index: 943 . The first known findings of chocolate matrix interference on cannabinoid analytes is reported. Stock solutions of four biogenic cannabinoids (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, cannabinol, and cannabigerol) and one synthetic cannabinoid (cannabidiol dimethyl ether) are subjected to milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and cocoa powder. A clear trend of matrix interference is observed, which ...
Known for Cannabinoids Cannabis
KOL-Index: 695 . The ULα, β, γ X-ray line intensities produced in the α decay of 38Pu have been determined. The line intensities are respectively 5.05 × 10−2, 7.41 × 10−2 and 1.48 × 10−2 X-rays per α decay for the Lα, Lβ, and Lγ lines.
Known for Ray Intensities | Decay 238pu

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