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Impact Of Ixekizumab On Facial Psoriasis And Related Quality Of Life Measures In...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... Facial psoriasis was reported in 17-68% of patients with psoriasis and shown to have a negative impact on patients' personal and health-related quality of life (HRQoL). OBJECTIVES: To ...
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Facial Psoriasis | Iii Trials | Ixe Q2w | Hrqol Parameters

Classification Of Facial Psoriasis Based On The Distributions Of Facial Lesions

[ PUBLICATION ] ... have facial involvement, and several reports have suggested that facial involvement is a marker of severe psoriasis. However, patients with facial psoriasis seem to have clinical ...
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Facial Psoriasis | Scalp Pasi | Upper Forehead | Distributions

Facial Psoriasis: Comparison Of Patients With And Without Facial Involvement

[ PUBLICATION ] ... in psoriasis has received little attention in standard descriptions of the disease because the face has long been thought of as rarely involved. A few reports have suggested that facial ...
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Facial Involvement | Severe Psoriasis | Extensive Treatments | Early Recognition

Psoriasis Of The Face And Flexures

[ PUBLICATION ] ... flexural psoriasis may impair the quality of life of psoriatic patients considerably. For the adequate management of psoriasis it is important to pay attention to lesions at these ...
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Facial Psoriasis | Vitamin D3 Analogues | Distinct Entities | Uv Radiation

Relation Between The Peripherofacial Psoriasis And Scalp Psoriasis

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of psoriasis is known to be one of the clinical manifestations that indicate the severity of the psoriasis and thought to be more closely associated with certain distribution. Centrofacial ...
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Scalp Psoriasis | Facial Involvement | Epidemiologic Characteristics | Severity

Clinical Characteristics Of Patients With Facial Psoriasis In Malaysia

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of facial psoriasis in Malaysia. METHODS: A cross-sectional study conducted using data from the Malaysian Psoriasis Registry from 2007 to 2011. Specific risk factors, i.e., age, age of ...
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Facial Psoriasis | Younger Age | Nail Involvement | Surface Area

Is Facial Involvement A Sign Of Severe Psoriasis?

[ PUBLICATION ] ... involvement,
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Facial Involvement | Severe Psoriasis | Systemic Therapy | Early Onset

Facial Psoriasis

[ PUBLICATION ] ... with psoriasis showed that 57% had facial involvement. There was a significant relationship between the severity of facial and scalp involvement in females but not in males. Males and ...
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Facial Psoriasis | 100 Consecutive In-Patients | Females Males | Occupation Indoors

Treatment Of Severe Facial Psoriasis With Adalimumab.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... life. Facial psoriasis is difficult to treat and is associated with severe cutaneous disease. Patients who have a long duration of psoriasis or early age of onset are more likely to suffer ...
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Facial Psoriasis | Severe Cutaneous | Psoriatic Arthritis | Ultraviolet Light

Successful Treatment Of Genital And Facial Psoriasis With Tacrolimus Ointment 0.1%.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... with psoriasis on the anogenital region and the face. Included in the study were 10 patients with a long-standing history of genital and facial psoriasis, partially controlled with ...
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Tacrolimus Ointment | Facial Psoriasis | Transcriptional Activation | Immunomodulatory Agent


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