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Alexander M Holschneider

Immenzaun 6 A, 51429, Bergisch-Gladbach | Kinderkrankenhaus Amsterdamerstrasse, Cologne, Germany | University of Cologne, Germany | The Children’s Hospital of Cologne, ...

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Concepts for which Alexander M Holschneider has direct influence: Rectal pouch , Colon interposition , Esophageal atresia , Chronic constipation , Intestinal neuronal dysplasia , Proximal segment , Anal sphincter .

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Concepts related to the work of other authors for which for which Alexander M Holschneider has influence: Hirschsprung disease , Esophageal atresia , Anorectal malformations , Enteric nervous , Ganglion cells , Fecal incontinence , Intestinal neuronal dysplasia .

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Immenzaun 6 A, 51429, Bergisch-Gladbach

Kinderkrankenhaus Amsterdamerstrasse, Cologne, Germany


The Children’s Hospital of Cologne, Amsterdamerstr. 59, 50735, Cologne, Germany


Department of Pediatric Surgery, Children's Hospital of Cologne, Cologne D-50735, Germany


Department of Pediatric Surgery, Children's Hospital of the City of Cologne, Cologne, Germany.


Kinderchirurgische Klinik, Kinderkrankenhaus Köln, Amsterdamer Strasse 5a, 50735 Köln, Germany, DE

Department of Paediatric Surgery, The Children's Hospital of Cologne, Cologne, Germany.


Department of Pediatric Surgery, The Children's Hospital of Cologne, Cologne, Germany.


Kinderchirurgische Klinik, Kinderkrankenhaus, Köln, XX

Department of Pediatric Surgery, The Children's Hospital of Cologne, Amsterdamer Strasse 59, D-50735, Cologne, Germany


Department of Pediatric Surgery, The Children's Hospital of Cologne, Cologne, Germany


Department of Pediatric Surgery, Childrens Hospital, Köln, Germany.


Kinderchirurgische Klinik des Städtischen Klinikums Köln, Amsterdamer Straße 59, W-5000, Köln 60, Deutschland


Paediatric Surgical Clinic, Children’s Hospital of Cologne, Amsterdamerstrasse 59, D-5000, Köln 60, Federal Republic of Germany

Kinderchirurgische Klinik, Städtischen Kinderkrankenhauses Köln.


Kinderchirurgische Klinik im Dr. von Haunerschen Kinderspital der Universität München, Lindwurmstraße 4, D-8000, München 2

Paediatric Surgery Hospital, Children's Hospital of Cologne, Amsterdamstraße 59, 5, 60, Köen, West Germany

Kinderchirurg. Klinik, München, Deutschland


München, West Germany


Pediatric Surgical Clinic of the Children's Hospital, University of Munich Medical School, Munich, Germany

Prominent publications by Alexander M Holschneider

KOL-Index: 11423 . BACKGROUND: Intestinal neuronal dysplasia (IND) of the colonic submucous plexus is considered to be a congenital malformation of the enteric nervous system causing symptoms resembling those of Hirschsprung's disease. In contrast with the established diagnosis of aganglionosis using enzyme histochemistry, controversy exists over the diagnostic criteria of IND on rectal biopsies previously ...
Known for Rectal Biopsy | Intestinal Neuronal Dysplasia | Interobserver Variation | Hirschsprungs Disease
KOL-Index: 8034 . AIM: Although the literature on fundoplications in childhood is relatively extensive, only few reports exist which correlate the rate of complications with the primary disease. Other important questions such as the incidence of postoperative dumping syndrome or Barrett's esophagus in childhood are barely treated. Nor have operative techniques such as single or double-row cuff sutures or ...
Known for Esophageal Atresia | Reflux Disease | Barretts Esophagus | Dumping Syndrome
KOL-Index: 7683 . Hypoganglionosis of the myenteric plexus of the colon is not clearly defined and seldom investigated. Colon segments from 15 children with an extended oligoeuronal hypoganglionosis up to the proximal resection end were morphometrically studied and compared to normally innervated colon segments. The study was performed with resected specimens from 7 children with isolated hypoganglionoses, ...
Known for Myenteric Plexus | Hypoganglionosis Colon | Chronic Constipation | Morphometric Measurements
KOL-Index: 7116 . PURPOSE: To examine the quality of life after repair of esophageal atresia, follow-up studies were performed in 58 of 71 surviving patients (81.7%). METHODS: Fifty patients with primary anastomosis and all eight surviving patients with colon interposition were seen. The mean age was 25.3 years (range, 20 to 31). Symptoms were evaluated by a standardized interview. Quality of life ...
Known for Esophageal Atresia | Quality Life | Primary Anastomosis | 20 Years
KOL-Index: 6621 . The innervation patterns of the rectal pouch and fistula of 52 children with anorectal malformations were investigated. Posterior sagittal anorectoplasty was used for intermediate and high anomalies; for the latter it was combined with an abdominal approach. Perineoproctoplasty was performed for low anomalies. The specimens were investigated by acetylcholinesterase staining, lactate ...
Known for Rectal Pouch | Severe Constipation | Fistula Rectum | Imperforate Child
KOL-Index: 6561 . Intestinal Dysganglionoses (IDs) represent a heterogeneous group of Enteric Nervous System anomalies including Hirschsprung's disease (HD), Intestinal Neuronal Dysplasia (IND), Internal Anal Sphincter Neurogenic Achalasia (IASNA) and Hypoganglionosis. At present HD is the only recognised clinico-pathological entity, whereas the others are not yet worldwide accepted and diagnosed. This ...
Known for Hirschsprungs Disease | Enteric Nervous | Intestinal Dysganglionoses | Postoperative Complications
KOL-Index: 5790 . The results of surgery for anorectal malformation (ARM) in 536 children treated between 1962 and 1993 are presented. Before 1985, patients underwent an abdominoperineal pullthrough for high and intermediate type of ARM, whereas cut-back procedures or perineoproctoplasty were performed in low type. Since 1985, we have changed our policy and performed a modified posterior sagittal ...
Known for Anorectal Malformations | Rectal Pouch | Imperforate Child Child | Low Type
KOL-Index: 5591 . Abstract The objective of our study was to determine the efficacy of ventriculostomy as the primary treatment for posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus in premature infants. Within a period of 4 years, 20 very low birthweight (VLBW) infants (birthweight median 1135 g, range 650–1470 g) were treated for progressive posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus (PHHC) by right parietal ventriculostomy (Salmon ...
Known for Posthemorrhagic Hydrocephalus | Newborn Infant | Permanent Shunt | Low Birth
KOL-Index: 5237 . The authors present an overview of 101 patients operated for Hirschsprung's disease by Rehbein procedure. Special attention is directed to the histomorphological findings in the proximal segment of the resected bowel specimens. A strong link was confirmed between these specific features and postoperative bowel function. A histologically regular proximal bowel segment generally predicted ...
Known for Proximal Segment | Resected Bowel | Hirschsprung Disease | Intestinal Neuronal Dysplasia
KOL-Index: 5090 . A prospective study of 141 consecutive patients with intestinal neuronal malformations is presented. The single malformation of the autonomic nervous system that always required surgical intervention was aganglionosis. Giant ganglia, reduced parasympathetic tone, immature ganglia, and hypogenetic or heterotopic nerve cells were seen in all forms of malformations. However, the incidence in ...
Known for Intestinal Neuronal | Submucous Plexus | Aganglionosis Patients | Giant Ganglia

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Immenzaun 6 A, 51429, Bergisch-Gladbach | Kinderkrankenhaus Amsterdamerstrasse, Cologne, Germany | University of Cologne, Germany | The Children’s Hospital of Cologne, Amsterdamerstr. 59, 50735, Cologne, Germany | Immenzaun 6a, 51429, Bergisch Gladba