Adrenal Cancer

This article has been medically reviewed by Alejandro Querales, MD — 2022-11-21

Who are the top experts researching treatments for adrenal cancer?

The top experts researching adrenal cancer are: David E. Schteingart, Martina Mengel and Klaus-Martin H. Schulte.

Adrenal Cancer

What are the top concepts researched in studies about adrenal cancer?

The most researched concepts in studies of adrenal cancer are: Adrenocortical Carcinoma, Computed Tomography, Phase Iii, Blood Pressure, Long Term, Locally Advanced, Physical Activity, Evaluate Safety and Newly Diagnosed.

What are some of the top places that specialize in adrenal cancer?

Recommended institutions that specialize in adrenal cancer:

Gurjyot Gury K. Doshi, M.D 1331 W Grand Pkwy N Suite 340, Katy, TX 77493 Phone: +12813922757

Hematology-Oncology Associates Of CNY 5008 Brittonfield Pkwy, East Syracuse, NY 13057 Phone: +13154727504

Mildred Scheel School of Oncology Kerpener Str. 62, 50937 Köln, Germany Phone: +4922147842899

The Nottingham Oncology Group The Park Cancer Centre, Burntstump Country Park, Sherwood Lodge Dr, Nottingham NG5 8RX, United Kingdom Phone: +448450094599

Adrenal Cancer

This article has been medically reviewed by Alejandro Querales, MD — 2022-11-21
Massimo Terzolo #1
Massimo Terzolo
Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences, San Luigi Hospital, University of Turin, Turin, Italy. | Internal Medicine, Department of Biological and Clinical Sciences, ...
Adrenocortical Carcinoma | Adrenal Incidentalomas | Adjuvant Mitotane | Fdg Pet | Cushing Syndrome
Alfredo Berruti #2
Alfredo Berruti
Medical Oncology Unit, Department of Medical & Surgical Specialties, Radiological Sciences & Public Health, University of Brescia, ASST Spedali Civili, Brescia, Italy; | ...
Adrenocortical Carcinoma | Prostate Cancer | Prognostic Role | Neuroendocrine Differentiation | Bone Metastases
Harm Reinout Haak #3
Harm Reinout Haak
Máxima Medisch Centrum, Eindhoven, Netherlands; | Maxima Medical Center, Internal Medicine, Eindhoven, Netherlands; | Department of Internal Medicine Maxima MC, 5631 ...
Adrenocortical Carcinoma | Emergency Department | Patients Acc | Cancer Diagnosis | Adjuvant Mitotane
Department of Endocrinology, Hǒpital Cochin, 27 Rue du Faubourg Saint‐Jacques, 75014 Paris, France | Service des Maladies Endocriniennes et Métaboliques, Hôpital Cochin, ...
Cushings Syndrome | Adrenocortical Tumors | Salivary Cortisol | Plasma Levels | Magnetic Resonance Imaging
David E Schteingart #5
David E Schteingart
Division of Metabolism, Endocrinology and Diabetes, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan | Department of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann ...
Adrenal Cancer | Adrenocortical Carcinoma | Cortisol Secretion | Cushings Syndrome | Depressed Mood
Albert Louvel #6
Albert Louvel
COMETE Network (L.G., J.B., A.L., X.B., J.B.), France | Pathology Laboratory (A.L.), CHU Cochin, 75014 Paris, France; | Service Central d’Anatomie Pathologique (A.L.), Centre ...
Acute Rejection | Prkar1a Gene | Adrenocortical Carcinoma | Pancreatic Necrosis | Primary Hyperaldosteronism
Melvyn T Korobkin #7
Melvyn T Korobkin
Departments of Radiology, Urology and, Radiation Oncology, University of Michigan Hospitals, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA | Department of Radiology, Division of Abdominal Imaging, ...
Computed Tomography | Adrenal Masses | Adrenocortical Carcinomas | Abdominal Radiography | Excretory Urography
Henri Bricaire #8
Henri Bricaire
From the Clinique des Maladies Endocriniennes et Métaboliques (J.-P.L., S.C., L.B., B.G., X.B., H.B.), the Laboratoire d'Hormonologie (M.-H.L), the Service ...
Cushing Syndrome | Adrenocortical Carcinoma | 16k Fragment | Adrenocorticotropic Hormone | Adrenal Cortex
Gary Douglas Hammer #9
Gary Douglas Hammer
Endocrine Oncology Program, Rogel Cancer Center, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA | Rogel Cancer Center, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA. | Department of ...
Adrenocortical Carcinoma | Adrenal Cortex | Steroidogenic Factor | Tumor Grade | Patients Acc
Stefanie Hahner #10
Stefanie Hahner
Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes, University Hospital, University of Würzburg. | University Hospital Würzburg, Medical Clinic and Polyclinic for Internal Medicine I, ...
Adrenal Insufficiency | Adrenocortical Carcinoma | Primary Aldosteronism | Type 1 Diabetes | Molecular Imaging
André Bonnin #11
André Bonnin
Service de Chirurgie Gynécologique, Clinique Universitaire Baudelocque;, Service de Radiologie et, Service de Chirurgie digestive, CHU Cochin Port-Royal, Paris, France | ...
Liver Transplantation | Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Pancreatic Tumors | Ectopic Pregnancy | Doppler Ultrasound
JeanFrancois R Henry #12
JeanFrancois R Henry
General, Endocrine and Metabolic Surgery, Hopital La Conception, Aix-Marseille University, 147 Boulevard Baille, 13385, Marseille, France | Department of Endocrine ...
Primary Hyperparathyroidism | Lateral Approach | Adrenal Glands | Multiglandular Disease | Parathyroid Cancer
Paul G Gauger #13
Paul G Gauger
Department of General Surgery, Michigan Medicine, Ann Arbor Michigan. | Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. | Division of Endocrine ...
Primary Hyperparathyroidism | Partial Liquid Ventilation | Adrenocortical Carcinoma | Total Thyroidectomy | Horner Syndrome
H Michiel J Krans #14
H Michiel J Krans
Vlietpark 2, 2355CT Hoogmade, The Netherlands | Department of Endocrinology, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), Postbus 9600, 2300 RC Leiden, The Netherlands | ...
Insulin Receptor | Adenyl Cyclase | Plasma Membranes | Guanyl Nucleotides | Postmenopausal Women
Cy Aaron Stein #15
Cy Aaron Stein
Department of Medical Oncology, City of Hope, 1500 East Duarte Road, Duarte, CA 91010, USA. | Department of Medical Oncology and Developmental Therapeutics, City of Hope ...
Prostate Cancer | Hl60 Cells | Gene Expression | Antisense Oligodeoxynucleotides | Telomerase Activity
Renato V La Rocca #16
Renato V La Rocca
Kentuckiana Cancer Institute, PLLC, 100 East Liberty Street, Louisville, KY 40202, USA +1 502 561 8200; +1 502 584 2089; | Kentuckiana Cancer Center, Louisville, ...
Weekly Paclitaxel | Cranial Base | Testosterone Production | Suramin Therapy | Elderly Patients
Gary H Weiss #17
Gary H Weiss
Departments of Radiation Oncology, Urology, Medicine (Division of Hematology-Oncology) and Pathology, Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New Hyde Park and Department of ...
Scatter Factor | Transitional Cell Carcinoma | Renal Lesions | Parenchymal Sparing Surgery | Dna Polymorphism Analysis
David E Schteingart #18
David E Schteingart
University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, MI | Dr. Rubio is associate professor and director, Data Center, Center for Research on Health Care, Division of General ...
Cortisol Secretion | Adrenal Cancer | Gonadal Dysgenesis | Cushings Disease | Mifepristone Patients
Carlos A JamisDow #19
Carlos A JamisDow
4 Department of Cardiovascular Medicine Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Hershey PA. | Department of Radiology | Department of Radiology, Penn State Milton S. ...
Valproic Acid | Fiducial Placement | Plasma Concentrations | Stereotactic Radiosurgery | Flexible Bronchoscopy
Ana Claudia Latronico #20
Ana Claudia Latronico
Disciplina de Endocrinologia e Metabologia, Departamento de Clinica Medica, LIM/42, Hospital das Clinicas HCFMUSP, Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, ...
Precocious Puberty | Mkrn3 Mutations | Adrenocortical Tumors | Luteinizing Hormone | Sry Gene
This article has been medically reviewed by Alejandro Querales, MD — 2022-11-21

Management Of Patients With Adrenal Cancer: Recommendations Of An International...

.. with adrenal cancer, a consensus conference was organized and held at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, 11-13 September 2003, with the participation of an international group of ...

Adrenal Cancer | Management Patients | Preclinical Studies | Adrenocortical Carcinomas | Ann Arbor

Management Of Adjuvant Mitotane Therapy Following Resection Of Adrenal Cancer

.. Whenever adrenal cancer (ACC) is completely removed we should face the dilemma to treat by means of adjuvant therapy or not. In our opinion, adjuvant mitotane is the preferable approach in ...

Adjuvant Mitotane | Adrenal Cancer | Patients Acc | Elevated Risk | Current Evidence

Management Of Adrenal Cancer

Primary adrenal cortical carcinoma is a rare but highly malignant tumor with generally poor prognosis. Life expectancy of afflicted patients depends on early diagnosis and treatment. An early ...

Adrenal Cancer | Radiation Therapy | Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Malignant Tumors | Adrenocortical Carcinomas

Risk Factors For Adrenal Cancer: An Exploratory Study

Adrenal cancer is a heterogeneous group of neoplasms with unknown etiology. In search of risk factors, we conducted a case-control study based on data from the 1986 National Mortality ...

Adrenal Cancer | Case Control | 20000 Deceased Adults | Gland Neoplasms | Increased Risks

Adjuvant Mitotane Therapy Of Adrenal Cancer — Use And Controversy

Adrenal Cancer | Adjuvant Mitotane | Hormonal Chemotherapy | Antineoplastic Agents | Cortex Neoplasms

Adrenal Cancer: Esmo Clinical Practice Guidelines For Diagnosis, Treatment And Follow-Up

Adrenal Cancer | Adjuvant Humans | Practice Guidelines | Antineoplastic Agents | Neoplasm Staging

Adrenal Cancer In Neurofibromatosis Type 1: Case Report And Dna Analysis

Adrenal cortical carcinoma (ACC) has previously only been reported in eight patients with type 1 neurofibromatosis (NF1). There has not been any clear evidence of a causal association between ...

Neurofibromatosis Type | Adrenal Cancer | Reported Case | Acc Nf1 | Urinary Steroid

Regression Of Adrenal Cancer And Suppression Of Adrenal Function In Man By...

Adrenal Cancer | Suppression | Died

Comparison Of The Adrenalytic Activity Of Mitotane And A Methylated Homolog On...

.. of adrenal cancer whose use is limited by toxicity. Reports from another laboratory indicated that a methylated homolog of Mitotane (Mitometh) tested in guinea pigs possessed comparable ...

Adrenal Cortex | Carcinoma Cell | Activity Mitotane | Treatment Dogs | Humans Hydrocortisone

Adrenal Cancer

Adrenal cancer is a rare neoplasm. Up to 1 in 1500 adrenal incidentalomas, however, may hide a carcinoma, which, if diagnosed late or left untreated, is associated with significant morbidity ...

Adrenal Cancer | Diagnostic Imaging | Humans Prognosis | Cortex Neoplasms | Late Untreated

The Treatment Of Cushing’s Syndrome And Adrenal Cancer

Cushing's syndrome can be classified as either ACTH-dependent or ACTH-independent, and appropriate treatment depends on an accurate differential diagnosis as the treatment modality is ...

Adrenal Cancer | Cushing Syndrome | Gland Neoplasms | Adrenocorticotropic Hormone

Editorial: Paradigms For Adrenal Cancer: Think Globally, Act Locally.

Adrenal Cancer | Gland Neoplasms

Constitutive Β-Catenin Activation Induces Adrenal Hyperplasia And Promotes...

Adrenocortical carcinoma is a rare but aggressive cancer with unknown aetiology. Constitutive activation of beta-catenin is the most frequent alteration in benign and malignant adrenocortical ...

Adrenal Hyperplasia | Beta Catenin | Constitutive Activation | Transgenic Mice | Animal Humans

Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy For Cancer

We will review the literature on the operative techniques and patient outcomes of laparoscopic adrenalectomy for cancer. Further, in our own study, an analysis of the preoperative assessment, ...

Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy | 11 Patients | Adrenal Cancer | Operative Time | Average Age

Management Of Adrenal Cancer: A 2013 Update

Adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) is a devastating tumor for either patients or their families because of short life expectancy and severe impact on quality of life. Due to the rarity of ACC, ...

Management Patients | Adrenal Cancer | Advanced Acc | Mitotane Monotherapy | Preclinical Studies

The Case For Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy

.. and adrenal cancer, were evaluated. Studies specifically comparing open versus laparoscopic adrenalectomy and the financial implications of laparoscopy were evaluated. Furthermore, newer ...

Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy | Adrenal Gland | Pheochromocytoma Cushing | Patient Morbidity

Genetics Of Adrenocortical Tumors: Gatekeepers, Landscapers And Conductors In Symphony

The genetic and histopathological backgrounds of adrenocortical tumorigenesis remain poorly characterized. In other tissues, there is conclusive evidence that hyperplasia and adenomas precede ...

Adrenocortical Tumors | Tumor Suppressor Genes | Adrenal Cortex | Dependent Protein | Benign Lesions

Comparative Effects Of Chemotherapeutic Agents On The Growth And Survival Of...

.. of adrenal cancer. Established drugs tested were mitotane, cisplatin, etoposide, 5-fluorouracil, and suramin. Other agents studied included adenine arabinofuranoside, cytosine ...

Adrenal Carcinoma | Cell Survival | Gland Neoplasms | Cisplatin Etoposide | Sw13 Human

Amino-Glutethimide And Metastatic Adrenal Cancer: Maintained Reversal (Six...

Several compounds have been reported to effectively inhibit hormone production and neoplastic growth in patients with Cushing's syndrome due to metastatic adrenocortical carcinoma.1 The most ...

Cushings Syndrome | Adrenal Cancer | Hormone Production | Amino Glutethimide | Metastatic Adrenocortical

E-Enabling International Cancer Research: Lessons Being Learnt In The Ens@t-Cancer Project

Breakthroughs in biomedicine are driven by research. More often than not, research takes place outside of a healthcare setting. However access to and use of clinical data for research purposes ...

Adrenal Cancer | Virtual Environment | Paper Describes | Trials Studies