Cystic Hygroma


In medicine, a cyst is an abnormal, usually noncancerous growth filled with liquid or a semisolid substance, sometimes causing pain.

A cystic hygroma — or lymphangioma — is a benign growth usually located in the neck or upper part of the chest and less commonly in the armpit or groin region. According to some case reports, the most common location is the posterolateral and the left area of the neck. It has a liquid content, is more common in children under two years of age, and can appear during fetal formation in the womb between 9 and 16 weeks of gestation; however, it’s usually visible on ultrasound past week 20th of the pregnancy.

Its size varies and can range from 2-3 cm (0.78-1.18 inches) to 10-12 cm (3.9-4.7 inches) in diameter.

Cyst hygroma illustration

This article has been medically reviewed by Marither Oropeza, MD — 2022-12-12

What are the symptoms of cystic hygroma?

A cystic hygroma can be asymptomatic; this is the case of babies in which, after birth, a soft tumor becomes visible that grows as the baby grows.

The most notable symptom is the volume increase in the neck, and depending on the size or the location, it can present with other symptoms due to the amount of space it occupies; these include difficulty mobilizing the neck, respiratory problems, or deformation of the face.

What causes the formation of a cystic hygroma?

Cystic hygroma may form due to an obstruction in fluid drainage from the lymphatic system, a system of tissues and blood vessels that collect and then eliminate fluids and cells from the body, usually white blood cells. The drained fluid is known as lymph.

Cystic hygromas are also known as lymphangioma or lymphatic malformations.

The formation of cystic hygromas in babies is associated with genetic and environmental factors. 50% of these are related to genetic alterations (alterations in the composition of DNA during conception), such as Turner syndrome, trisomies 13, 18, and 21, and Noonan syndrome.

Environmental factors that can lead to the formation of cystic hygroma are drug or alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Cystic hygromas in adults are associated with previous trauma in the tumor area.

Cystic hygroma: Diagnosis

During pregnancy, it’s possible to see the formation of a lump with a cystic appearance on the neck of the developing fetus from 20 weeks of gestation on a routine ultrasound. Suspecting a cystic hygroma, the doctor will recommend complementary studies such as amniocentesis, which is the extraction of amniotic fluid from the gestational sac to screen for genetic abnormalities.

While studying a cystic hygroma during pregnancy, it’s essential to consider all compatible diagnoses: meningocele, encephalocele, cervical teratoma, nuchal edema, pseudomembranes, hemangioma, and subchorionic cyst of the placenta. All these would show an increase in volume with a cystic appearance on an ultrasound. In the case of meningocele, the ultrasound may show a tumor in the posterior part of the fetus, especially at the lumbar or sacral level. An encephalocele looks like a lump at the level of the skull.

Nuchal edema is an ultrasound finding characterized by the thickening of a fold located in the fetal neck region; this finding indicates there’s a possibility that the fetus has trisomy 21. The most important differential diagnosis is cervical teratoma because it can present in the exact location of the cystic hygroma, and the treatment is the same. In many cases, the pathological anatomy after extirpation verifies the finding and differentiates it between both diagnoses.

Other complementary studies in children or adults are chest x-ray, ultrasound, and computerized axial tomography or magnetic resonance.

Cystic hygroma: Treatment

The primary treatment for cystic hygroma is surgical removal, and if diagnosed during pregnancy, the attending physician will provide the necessary recommendations to the pediatric surgeon to solve the problem after birth.

There are other treatment alternatives if the extirpation is incomplete or not possible because it occupies an area that is difficult to access. These alternatives are sclerotherapy, steroids, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, aiming to reduce tumor size.

Another possibility in the case of cystic hygroma is its spontaneous resolution during pregnancy. Some case reports describe a reduction in size to the point of disappearance after a series of follow-up ultrasounds.

Cystic hygroma: Complications

The complications of a cystic hygroma depend on the timing of its development. If it forms during the fetal period, spontaneous abortions or fetal death may occur due to obstruction of the trachea.

There is an association between intrauterine death and other findings associated with cystic hygroma, chromosomal abnormalities, or other coexisting abnormalities.

Cystic hygromas have a better prognosis if they form after birth, especially after complete removal.

Some of the complications that can occur are:

  • Bleeding.
  • A skin infection (cellulitis).
  • Continuous growth and deformity of the area it’s located.
  • Recurrence after extirpation.
  • Injury to the tissues around the tumor during surgical removal.

The long-term outlook for infants with cystic hygroma

Cystic hygroma is a benign tumor that generally has a good prognosis. With surgery, it can disappear if there’s total extirpation of the tumor; the long-term outlook largely depends on an association, or lack thereof, with a genetic abnormality.

The attending physician will recommend the best follow-up option if it’s associated with a genetic abnormality.

Finally, draining or perforating the tumor at home is not recommended; no matter how small it may seem, you should always consult a doctor.

This guide serves educational purposes only; it cannot and should not constitute medical advice.

Who are the top experts researching treatments for cystic hygroma?

The top experts researching cystic hygroma are: Ashok Lingappa, Chih-Ping Chen and Andre J Macdonald.

Cystic Hygroma

What are the top concepts researched in studies about cystic hygroma?

The most researched concepts in studies of cystic hygroma are: Prenatal Diagnosis, Surgical Excision, Hydrops Fetalis, Normal Karyotype, Fetal Anomalies, Gestational Age, Pregnant Women, Chest Wall, Amniotic Fluid and Early Pregnancy.

What are some of the top places that specialize in cystic hygroma?

Recommended institutions that specialize in cystic hygroma:

Dr. Priya G. Kumaravelu, MD 175 N Jackson Ave #209, San Jose, CA 95116 Phone: +14088988226

2330 Eastchester Rd, The Bronx, NY 10469 2330 Eastchester Rd, The Bronx, NY 10469 Phone: +17187324050

Care Oncology Clinic Ltd 76 Harley St, London W1G 7HH, United Kingdom Phone: +442038555939

Punit Chadha, M.D. 4101 James Casey St Suite 100, Austin, TX 78745 Phone: +15124472202

Cystic Hygroma

This article has been medically reviewed by Marither Oropeza, MD — 2022-12-12
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This article has been medically reviewed by Marither Oropeza, MD — 2022-12-12

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