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Junko Nagae: Expert Impact

Concepts for which Junko Nagae has direct influence: Environmental sounds , Sound agnosia , Verbal sound , Environmental sound , Verbal sounds , Sound perception .

Junko Nagae: KOL impact

Concepts related to the work of other authors for which for which Junko Nagae has influence: Auditory agnosia , Primary progressive aphasia , Semantic dementia , Pure word deafness , Temporal lobe patient , Verbal sound .

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Key People For Environmental Sounds

Top KOLs in the world
direct manipulation complex visualizations auditory display
Brian Gygi
environmental sounds incongruency advantage auditory abilities
Ayse Pinar Saygin
biological motion environmental sounds turing test
James W Lewis
sexual desire neuro day cortical networks
Robert J Zatorre
auditory cortex musical training individual differences
Frederic K Dick
statistical learning environmental sounds prosody perception