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    KOL Index score: 6732

    PURPOSE: To determine the relationship between accommodative lag and rate of myopia progression when Ghanaian myopic school children are either undercorrected or fully corrected with single vision lenses.

    METHODS: A 2-year single masked randomized control trial was conducted using 150 Ghanaian myopic children aged 10 to 15 years with mean baseline myopia of -1.98 ± 0.50D. The children were randomly assigned to wear either a full correction (n = 75) or +0.50D undercorrection (UC) (n = 75) ...

    Also Ranks for: Myopia Progression |  accommodative lag |  refractive error |  accommodation ocular |  single vision
    KOL Index score: 2468

    Objective: Ergonomically designed workstations have direct bearing on the comfort and safety of office computer users. Tremendous usage of computers in most offices of emerging economies have however, not seen accompanying applications of ergonomics in the design of computer workstations despite the numerous benefits. Injuries and discomforts therefore have higher propensity to occur since most offices formally designed for paperbased work now accommodate computer workstations, without ...

    Also Ranks for: Computer Workstations |  poor ergonomic
    KOL Index score: 1613

    The transparent vitreous body, which occupies about 80% of the eye's volume, is laden with numerous enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants that could protect the eye from oxidative stress and disease. Aging is associated with degeneration of vitreous structure as well as a reduction in its antioxidant capacity. A growing body of evidence suggests these age-related changes may be the precursor of numerous oxidative stress-induced vitreo-retinopathies, including vision degrading ...

    Also Ranks for: Vitreous Degeneration |  vision degrading myodesopsia |  oxidative stress |  enzymatic antioxidants
    KOL Index score: 1137

    PURPOSE: To describe the surgical technique of internal drainage of subretinal fluid as an adjunct to chandelier-assisted scleral buckling for the repair of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.

    METHODS: The technique of internal drainage with a sharp needle or cannula through a trocar is described and shown in a Supplemental Digital Content 1 (see Video, http://links.lww.com/ICB/A87).

    RESULTS: Three patients (3 eyes) underwent scleral buckling for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment repair. ...

    Also Ranks for: Scleral Buckling |  retinal detachment |  chandelier assisted


    Emmanuel Ankamah: Influence Statistics

    Sample of concepts for which Emmanuel Ankamah is among the top experts in the world.
    Concept World rank
    discomfort floaters #3
    vitreous opacity areas #3
    discomfort vitreous #3
    supplementation visual discomfort #3
    floaters placebo #3
    decrease visual discomfort #3
    125 llysine #3
    floaters supplementation #3
    floaters 0001 #3
    vitreous floaters supplementation #3
    visual discomfort floaters #3
    photopic functional #3
    targeted micronutrient #5
    micronutrient formulation #8
    vision degrading myodesopsia #8
    vision disorders life #11
    supplementation targeted #14
    vision degrading #15
    formulation visual #18
    degrading myodesopsia #19
    opacity areas #20
    patients vitreous floaters #21
    improvements decrease #25
    supplementation formulation #25
    decrease vitreous #27
    areas supplementation #27
    myodesopsia #30
    areas placebo #33
    active decrease #33
    vitreous degeneration #36
    micronutrients quality #41
    active supplementation #53
    supplementation active #54
    symptomatic vitreous #69
    symptomatic vitreous floaters #70
    life vision disorders #72
    polarity active #94
    lag accommodation #94
    40 vitamin #95

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    Wijnand A IJsselsteijn
    mental health stereoscopic displays visual discomfort
    Ingrid E J Heynderickx
    image quality visual discomfort virtual human
    Marc T M Lambooij
    visual discomfort video characteristics stereoscopic displays
    Martin S Banks
    eye movements focus cues binocular vision
    David M Hoffman
    stereo displays motion artifacts oled technology
    Marten F Fortuin
    visual discomfort straylight values stereoscopic displays

    Emmanuel Ankamah:Expert Impact

    Concepts for whichEmmanuel Ankamahhas direct influence:Visual discomfort,  Myopia progression,  Vitreous degeneration,  Accommodative lag,  Supplementation active,  Active supplementation,  Myopia progression children,  Supplementation visual discomfort.

    Emmanuel Ankamah:KOL impact

    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Emmanuel Ankamah has influence:Myopia progression,  Visual parameters,  Scleral buckling,  Accommodative response,  Epiretinal membrane,  Anterior chamber,  Subconjunctival injection.



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